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How does it work?

Even though we work with modern world technology, we believe in old world service. We understand there are three things you'll want to know if your phone is broken.

How much will it cost?
How long will it take?
Is it going to be fixed right?

We know phones, and when our technician speaks with you, he'll be gathering information so he can explain all of that so you can make an informed decision in your own best interests.

How much does it cost?

Since each phone is designed and assembled differently, knowing the exact model helps us determine what parts we'll need.

Our quote is guaranteed including time to disassemble, service, reassemble and test. If we don't fix it, you don't pay. No surprises here.

How long does it take?

We keep a large parts inventory on hand. Why others don't is beyond us. If you visit our repair center, most repairs are completed within an hour - just long enough to visit Tim Horten's across the street.

Mail-in repairs usually turn around in 24 hours. Time in transit depends on the shipping method you choose, so it can be a few days, or as little as 24 hours.

What if I live far away?

We offer an easy mail-in repair service. We know you'll want to know the time and cost before you send us the phone, so use our "Get a Gauranteed Quote" form to get started. At the end, you'll print a tracking sheet you enclose with your device when you send it to us.

A technician will call you to assess the repair needs and reserve the parts from our in-house inventory.

What about surprise fees?

If we don’t fix it, we don’t charge you. We strive very hard to understand the repair before we quote you a price. Any charges are confirmed before a technician continues with each repair.

Water damage is especially tricky to estimate without actually examining the phone. There is a water damage assessment fee of $30. Additional charges will be determined after the assessment is completed. If you do not like our quote to fully repair the damage, there are no additional charges.

What about quality?

We use only original parts. Our repair service is very thorough including untrasonic full emersion cleaning. Our aim isn't just to get you on your way. We want your phone to work for you for a long time.

We have no trainees. All technicians have a minimum of ten years working in this field.

Speak to a Technician: 403.992.7225

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