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Phone Whisperer

Your phone wants to work. And it's telling you where it hurts.

Some only want to be free. Some just need a little TLC for their aches and pains. Curtis speaks their language.

He can hear them. Most transformations complete in less than an hour.

Canada, Canada, About, Screen

Human Interface

Let's face it. There's more to this business than assembling an iPhone blindfolded.

Christine can be found looking after everything else from scheduling appointments to keeping inventory stocked so whatever your phone needs, we've got it.

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Our Mission


We fix it right and we do it right in front of you. We take the time to thoroughly assess the problem and explain the repair options. You will know the price before we start the repair and there will be no surprises.


We do all routine repairs quickly, skillfully and competitively. We like it when you watch us perform the repair because we know that lofty claims and grandiose slogans are nothing compared simply watching a pro doing it right. We like explaining the process and answering your questions while we do the work.


We repair and replace digitizers, screens, batteries, housings and more. We specialize in the toughest jobs, including minor and severe water and other liquid damage.


We can usually get you on your way with your own phone and your data much faster than most people can pick out a replacement. And, at much less expense and inconvenience.


We accept the most challenging projects.


We have no junior associates. Every technician is tops in this field. You will see attention to detail and skillful execution of the repair. You will know your phone received the professional touch and should continue to work for many years to come.

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